Milin Li is a graphic, visual, interactive and play designer based in Montreal. Trained originally as a graphic designer, Li has pursued her interest in interactive media as she sees user interaction as the key to creating unique experiences beyond the wall and screens. Her passion is uncovering new ways of developing playful interactive media to relay information for learning, storytelling, raising awareness and delivering messages.

Her project (un)done a storytelling interactive installation that follows a couple’s relationship as they tie and untie each other with wearable technology, was showcased at GamePlay Space in Montreal. As the renowned independent game designer Pippin Barr about it: “(un)done is particularly interesting for the investment of emotional energy into the act of tying and untying cords between yourself and your partner, the untying feels particularly poignant” - Critical Hitted, 2015)

Another videogame, Deathwhiff 3000, integrates the sense of smell into a playful interaction, and was exhibited at Digifest Toronto as well as featured in Amazing Independence Magazine

The project Light on Recycling, an interactive installation aimed at raising awareness of citizens' recycling habits and teaching more about the different ways to recycle, was exhibited at Event Horizon at McGill University.

Milin also participated in the Ubisoft Game Lab Competition 2015, where her team's game Paradoxanity won Best Game Design, was nominated for Best Prototype, Best Art Direction, Best Technical Challenge and Innovation, and Best Quality of the "3Cs (Character, Controls and Camera)".