Physical Interaction

(un)done is an intimate, non-linear narrative game that follows a couple’s relationship as they tie and untie each other while wearing capes with attached ropes. Tying lets the players hear a happy memory, taking turns listening to one side of the story. Untying allows them to hear ways people change, grow apart until they drift away. Special charms symbolize the category of the memory. The ropes on the cape are made with conductive threads, wire, and yarn that are attached to a LilyPad Arduino. The two transmit and receive signals from each other to communicate which ropes are tied, untied together and sends the data to the computer to trigger the corresponding audio chips of the story.

Role: Programming (Arduino C, Processing Java), Wireless Communication (Bluetooth), Electronics, Fabrication and Audio Editing

Fruit Fever is an experimental game prototype created with an interactive apron and fork. The apron represents the gamer’s inner body and different types of fruits are eaten using the interactive fork in order to balance their diet. The progress of the diet is monitored through controlled LED lights sewn in the shape of organs on the apron.

Role: Hardware Design, 3D modelling (Sketchup) and Electronics

Light on Recycling - Interactive installation

People are unaware of the recycling methods that are available to keep a city clean. This is due to the lack of information given regarding what can or cannot be recycled. The solution we found to encourage people to recycle on a daily fashion was to conceptualize an interactive installation. People will interact with the interactive installation and learn more about the different ways to recycle.

Role: Programming (Arduino C, Processing Java), Electronics and Installation

Pillow Wars
Interactive pillow fighting

Interactive Installation

Tu es un bébé!
Multi-sensory installation

Eat Long and Prosper
Wearable interactive game

Digital Interaction

Deathwhiff 3000 is a four-player cooperative game that integrates a system for scent delivery that associates key odorants with characters in the game. In addition to being the game’s name, the Deathwhiff 3000 is the scent delivery hardware that is at once a virtual and physical device – both the characters in the game and the players in the physical world are connected through the use of the device. In this way, the gamepushes the sensory experience of a traditional screen/controller game by relying on the players’ sense of smell in order to differentiate characters in the game.

Role: Programming (Processing Java) and UI/2D artist (Unity C#)

Paradoxanity is a beat-’em-up game that pits a small group of protagonists against a never-ending stream of opponents. Paradoxanity has earned the award for Best Game Design for the Ubisoft Game Lab Competition 2015

Role: Artist Lead, 3D Modeling (Blender), Texture and Concept Art

Falling Utopia is a one-player mobile game. The concept of the game is to save people leaping to their deaths from a floating city. The main character, being the user will need to maneuver a cannon and shoot out parachutes towards the people falling from the floating city. 

Available on the App Store
Requires iOS 8.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone and iPad

Role: Project Lead, Game and Visual design


Fuck Athena
Cyborg feminist mobile game

 Under Sea
Video game